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Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm a Diamond! And Nature Tech is Awesome

Random Fact: A person's ashes can be turned into a diamond. (I know what I'm doing when I die)

Random Thing: A concept for a "Sea Tree". It allows all types of animals to live off shores. Its structure concept is based off of oil storage towers. It would also give positive effects to cities, if it were to actually exist.

Hovering Water? Camera Bigger Than An Airplane?

Random Things/Facts: The world's largest camera can hold an airplane? And the world's largest picture is 32X111 feet?!

Random Thing: Hovering water! No, I'm just joking with you. The water is falling at a a normal pace, but the pace is perfect enough so that when you put a strobe light near it, it looks like it is hovering. It is really cool to see. Sorry, I don't really have much information on it besides this video, but I'm sure their are more like it!

Could I use My Hand to Pay for the Titanic?

Random Fact: The price of the Titanic was $7.5 million and the price of the Titanic movie was 200 million.
Random Thing: Biometric Money?! Yes. An ATM in Japan was recently introduced that scans your hand to get your information, which then you can access your money from there. No card at all.

New Blog!

From now on, I shall post random things/facts!

Random Fact: Mountain Dew contains flame retardant...
Random Thing: Icicle of Death (Filmed by BBC, this "Icicle of Death" slowly froze as it hit warmer water below the surface because it has density that was less that the water. It eventually hit the ground and anything that got into contact with it would die)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I have some great YouTube channels to show you. First, a really entertaining one is TheSlowMoGuys. The name describes it completely. Second, a really great channel for news is sxephil. He does a lot of random stories and they are pretty interesting. A channel that he just started up, called SourceFed, is my favorite channel now. It is funny, has great topics, and informs me about a lot of random stuff that is going on. Last, a channel named vsauce is all about telling you EVERYTHING. He has different little genres and things to show you different info. My favorite genre would have to be MindBlow, because it really does blow my mind. It is just fascinating.

UPDATE: I don't know what genre to put him in, probably entertainment, but Tobuscus is also awesome. He has a lot of different things.

End of School....Soon

I cannot believe the end of school is so near! It has gone by so fast. It's awesome. I didn't really realize this until today, and when I did, my face looked a little like this.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Week

Well, Monday is tomorrow. I don't know about you guys, but I dislike week days. Not only is their school, but their isn't enough time in the day to do what I want to do. What are your thoughts?

Saturday, April 7, 2012


I'm actually pretty excited for Easter. I'm not really religious, but Easter is a fun time because it lets me hang with my family and get some gifts/candy :D I hope all of you have a fun Easter, too!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

All Is Going Well

I really didn't like life that much when I was young, but my family was right, it really does get better when you get older. Not only have my siblings been nicer, but high school is pretty fun, too. I just hate growing up so fast. I feel like I was still 13 years old yesterday, or a young 14 year old, but now I am so old now! I don't like it. I liked the good old days when I was in kindergarten and I could just do whatever I wanted and not really get blamed for it, because they would think it was just a mistake.

Good Books

Don't get me wrong, I hate reading. Reading is one of my least favorite things to do, but dang, I know some pretty good books. If you haven't already, read the Hunger Games series. It is amazing, and so is the movie. Also, read Ender's Game. It is a book that is part of a twelve book series. I don't really plan on reading all 12, but the first book is really good. One very good author to look at is Margaret Peterson Haddix. She wrote a lot of good adventure and mysterious stories.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It Was a Monday

Ghost in the Stalls (True story from Olan Rogers)

So, I was in this Target bathroom making shortcakes.......pooping. I was pooping. While I was in the bathroom, pooping, I was playing on my phone in silent mode. By the way, it's called multitasking. So, I hear this guy come in the bathroom and gets in the stall next to me. He started pooping, next to me. You know that awkward silent pooping? I don't want any part of that, so I remained quiet. I didn't want that awkwardness to happen, but it created a new awkward moment of quietness. It was so freaking quiet. I heard a fly fart. It was a soft angelic whistle. It was quite beautiful actually. Well I'm sitting in the stall, thinking, it's a Monday. I got nothing going on. I'm scotch......tape. I'm so dang clear of anything. So I decided, hey, I'm gunna break the silence. So I let out the most blood curling scream. I released Thor in the stall. This guy, he like, freaks the crap out! All I hear is like, two hands press up against the stalls. *Pshhh* "HELLO?! IS SOMEONE IN HERE? LISTEN, I'M BEING SERIOUS. I DON'T KNOW IF YOUR DEAD OR ALIVE!" So I hear movement, as if he is getting ready to look under the stalls to see if anyone is in here, so I pop my feet up. *Guy looks under* "AHHHH" You know what, it's a Monday, so I let out another soul ripping scream. "AHH! AHHH!" All I hear is him getting ready to bust through the stalls. *Pshh* *Pshh* "HELLO?" But what this guy didn't know, is in the spance of him jingling around in his pants, it gave me enough cover to move from my stall to the one, right of his. *Pshh* "Okayyy. Okay. I see what's going on. You're a tormented soul! Trapped within these stall walls. I am not your enemy! I just want to poop this dark matter. Safely, and quietly. And I promise you this! I will be on my way, if you give me this one solid. I will present you with more solids." So he comes back to his stall, and he starts pooping. Well, it's a Monday. I gotta do it one more time. One more final scream. But not just a scream. I decided to yell, run. The roar was so loud! It was like I released the Kraken in the bathroom! It was like a whale gave birth to a roaring T-Rex, that was up-cutting a plato can! The hair stood up on my arms! A little pee came out as well, blood pee, because it was that loud! Then my butt cheeks quenched which caused the sound on the seats. *Eeecchhh* As I was yelling, my foot dipped into the dang toilet. Now, I released even more energy! This guy gets so scared, he bursts out of the stall. *Pffttt!* And runs out screaming, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" right out of the Target bathroom. I got out of my stall and look over into his stall. Apparently the guy left his pants, in the stall. Which means, he somehow got so scared, that he slipped his shoes out of his pants, and ran out into Target in his beefy Hanes. So, I walk out into the Target and go up to an employee. "Hey, I don't know what happened, but somebody left their pants in the stall, in the bathroom." The employee just looks at me and says, "............again?!"

I Want All of Them

If only this existed.

A Dream of Mine

Have I ever told you I want to be a ninja?

Regular Night

On usual weekdays, I have to stay up really late just to finish my homework. It really sucks :[